"If you check the box as 'White' on government forms, census data, or job applications, then you can identify with this idea - You are not white. There is no biological or genetic reality in whiteness or race. You are a human being severed from your deeply-rooted heritage and genetic lineage in order to perpetuate a structure of power, privilege, and class that provides the illusion that you benefit from it. Whiteness and race are deeply harmful social constructs. The work of dismantling whiteness allows us to build a system of freedom for all."

~ Jeremy D. Tunnell, M.A. - Author

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Pre-Order Your Copy Today

The goal of this website & blog is to inform and educate on the paradigm of race and whiteness and provide the tools for freeing ourselves from this perspective. The book is being written out of this effort and will be ready for print in late 2021. Support the effort and secure your copy of the book for yourself!

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