The Fault of our Forefathers

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Unity is on everyone's lips. Everyone in power, that is. Except for one blond-haired clown we call POTUS and an entire group of followers he has fostered over the past 6 years into a frenzied cocktail of right-wing conspiracy theories and deception. Unfortunately, unity is not an option until accountability is taken up by those who have helped fan the flames and honesty is given it’s due.

These are two things that politicians don't partake-in on either side of the aisle. So, we are left with brewing violence and insurrection that we now must live with. It will be evident when we look at our neighbors at the market, our teachers when dropping off the kids, and our family members who won't shut their mouths long enough to contemplate the potential reality that they have been duped.

See, the thing is, I believe in our system. I think that checks and balances work. I believe that a two-party system is flawed, but, in the end, it does what it is supposed to do; that is when it is not laced with hate-filled speech for the "other".

Every state in this Union certified the results of these elections. Every election official, both Republican and Democrat, Trump supporter and BLM believer certified that this nation's election results were soundly assembled and ratified. Over 42 lawsuits have been thrown out that were brought by the Trump Administration to thwart the election. Many of those by Republican judges, some of them Trump Supporters. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that there was no case. I can not see a more precise line of checks and balances.

So, why are we still here? Why are we still dealing with the hoards of people who believe in a lie? Because the human being is susceptible to being programmed and courted into cult-like behavior. We have seen it in religious settings. We have seen it in political theater. People want their lives to mean something; they want their lives to be of significance. Being drawn behind a current of belief, even if it is based on lies, is easy.

The unfortunate thing here is that these people are hard-working fellow Americans who have been whipped into a hate-filled rage. The deeply embedded beliefs that revolve around whiteness, race, superiority, and exceptionalism have come to roost. So many of these promises of the American Dream have not become a reality but instead a nightmare.

These folks have lost homes and opportunities in the 2008 crash that they will never get back. There is no ‘recovery’ for these folks. They've received a poor public education and developed a deep cultural aversion to higher learning. They are not alone. Many people of color are in similar circumstances but, unlike their white counterparts, have not been groomed to believe that every individual, like them, has an open door leading to the advantage and benefit of American Exceptionalism.

That was a lie. A lie deeply rooted in the foundational deception of race. Exceptionalism and superiority have been embedded in the concept of what it means to be "white" since its inception in the 1619 Virginia Colony. The realization that they are nothing special to this nation's power and wealth elites is beginning to set in and they're coming for blood.

The power and wealth holders have the means to steer broadcast messaging, and the uneducated are often powerless to discern their way beyond it. Consequently, this mob has been maneuvered to see the 'other,' as it has been communicated to them: Liberals, libtards, snowflake, Democrats, democrats, tree huggers, blacks, Mexicans, or illegals. They see cabals bent on destroying their way of life in shadowy groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These American's, blinded by their faith in a lie, wrapped in a false sense of hope, are as innocent and ignorant to the robbery taking place under their heels as the "other" they are intent on persecuting for it.

How is this possible? How can it be that so many people have been lulled into a nightmare bent on bringing down the very democracy they loudly proclaim to hold dear? Because the elements that make up this spell of deception have been building and brewing for centuries.

If you have ever cringed at the words white supremacy and found yourself dumbfounded to understand how it relates to the real world, then this is a front-row seat to what it looks and sounds like. This is whiteness bent on its own self-destruction, which is the inevitable outcome of identification with the false narrative of race and racial superiority that we were all indoctrinated into over 600 years ago.

How can an out of date concept that is 600 years old actually be wreaking havoc on our democracy today?

It's a simple answer, but to understand it, we must learn to think beyond our individual lives' short timelines: Yet another trick in the dark-potion at work within us all. We've been taught to see within extremely short timelines. We see the comings and goings of the world around us on the scale of weeks, months, or years. It is almost impossible for the average American to view the world within the context of decades, centuries, and millennia. However, looking at history's influences at that scale is the only way to see the fault in our forefathers.

We exonerate their nobility to the level of saints, but the reality is, the men who founded this country were just men. Men with flaws that were dealing with the dilemmas of their day. A muddled society built on an economic system that was primarily based on the material wealth of human beings. This struggle can be seen throughout American history:

At the height of the civil war, after Europe was several decades beyond the abandonment of their institution of slavery, the American slave trade's financial markets were booming opportunities. European businessmen invested heavily to increase their wealth, thereby assisting the Southern effort to fund the war.

When the declaration of independence was drafted, Jefferson tried to include a line that would inspire the forebears of the fledgling democracy to deal headlong with the enslavement of other human beings in order to propagate the economic prosperity of a fledgling nation. He was resoundingly outnumbered by his peers, and the section was removed.

Before the American colonies were even founded, European intellectuals and scholars drafted treaties and theories that expounded the European continent's superiority. They built complicated pseudoscientific theories about the origins of race and the dominance of the Caucasians.

Early American colonists in Virginia would build upon these ideas to differentiate race in the simple terms of white and everyone else. This paved the way for the modern bias and prejudice that race yields and the systemic exceptionalism that is afforded whiteness in our culture. It is a lie; there is no genetic or biological predication for the concept of race. It is purely a social and deceptive construct.

For over 350 years of colonization and sovereignty, a social construct was backed up with the ideals of white supremacy. It was woven into the colonies like the stars of the flag. It was seeded into the newly plowed fields of the central plains like the blood spilled to acquire them. As we moved across this nation and took hold of this country, we brought with us the belief that our Manifest Destiny was secured in our whiteness. From that, the American Dream of the early 20th century emerged. By the time the Second World War ended, we had global prosperity and might to build that illusion into reality; for at least one generation of Americans.

Before the American colonies were even founded, European intellectuals and scholars drafted treaties and theories that expounded the European continent's superiority. They built complicated pseudoscientific theories about the origins of race and the dominance of the Caucasians. ns. ere replaced with new cars and credit card bills. The American economy moved from being backed by the wealth of gold and silver to being built on the backs of working and middle-class debt. As the generations to follow began to be lulled into the nightmare, they too acquired mortgages, student loans, and car payments to ensure their piece of the pie was within reach.

Suddenly, it began to crumble around us. We live in a reality that lacks the comfort of the illusion and delights in the harness of the lie. We have fallen into tribalism that has divided us beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. As one group stands on the divide waving a flag of their accumulated generational victimhood, the other side waves their flag of broken generational promise. Both are shattered slogans in the end.

The only way out of this mess is through it. There is no going around it. We must dismantle race entirely, and that is incredibly painful and personal work. It will require each person in this country to put down their generational banners and take up the silent exploration of self. For those that look like me, who are identified as white, we must begin to dismantle our whiteness. We must begin to love our neighbor and our enemy. We must begin to learn forgiveness and humility. We must see the privilege we have been afforded at the cost of another.

We must begin to be human beings.

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